Real estate agreements must be in writing to be enforceable. A well-written real estate contract ensures both the buyer and the seller that the purchase or sale process is orderly. This also gives timelines so that appropriate due diligence and investigations can be made, and assures the seller that they will have a completed sale after appropriate inspections and contingencies.

In California, real estate brokers usually handle real estate transactions and the California Association of Realtors has standard forms which are generally used in the real estate process. Disputes arise if the real estate brokers cannot resolve the matter. The help of a real estate attorney can offer the contracting parties a more in-depth legal analysis and explanation of assertion of their rights. A real estate attorney can also draft a real estate contract if there are no real estate brokers involved, or if a real estate broker is involved only on one side.

The sale of residential real estate requires extensive disclosures and we can help the parties through this process. David M. Sternberg, Attorney-at-Law has experience in real estate purchase and sale contracting. David M. Sternberg holds a real estate broker license in California but only practices real estate law. Call us for a consultation at 925-322-6902.

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