Civil Litigation

Represented property owner in an action against his real estate broker for churning multiple loans and convincing him to short sell his property to straw buyer, leaving the property owner with no title to his family home and a deficiency in excess of $350,000 owed to the second lien holder. The matter was successfully settled, with the second lien holder being paid off by real estate broker and the family home being transferred back to the property owner.

Represented commercial tenant who was incorrectly sued by former landlord for a corporate debt obligation in excess of $100,000 based upon uncollected future rents in exchange for prematurely terminating lease. After filing a cross-complaint for reformation of contract on behalf of commercial tenant, the Landlord dismissed the lawsuit, with no money exchanged.

Represented borrowers who paid off two loans on two properties that they had entered into with lender who refused to reconvey property back to clients and expunge debt. A quiet title action was brought against the lender. Successfully negotiated resolution of the case, where the lender waived any interest in the property and provided for full recoveyance for both properties.

Represented plaintiff brother who loaned money to his brother and sister-in-law to save brother’s home from foreclosure without securing a promissory note or deed of trust. After the home was saved from foreclosure, the brother and sister-in-law refused to pay plaintiff back and put the house on the marker for sale. A lawsuit of imposition for equitable lien and breach of contract was filed on plaintiff’s behalf and quickly thereafter a quick resolution of the case ensued with the plaintiff obtaining the full loaned amount from disbursement from escrow as settlement.

Represented defendant CFO against bank who sued CFO and various defendants including the CEO and President of a Construction Company in excess of $40,000,000 for breach of contract and various intentional torts alleging wrongful diversion of loan proceeds to the Construction Company’s CEO and President. Defendant CFO successfully obtained a settlement agreement for nuisance value.

Represented financial advisor in a FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitration against retail securities brokerage. The matter settled.

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